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About Thermax

Winter is a very romantic season, but it is extremely cold, people need to wear layers of thick clothes to resist the cold.

Traditional clothes do not keep warm well and are heavy, which makes us feel very inconvenient, and the price is often very high.

So in order to solve these problems, we made a temperature-controlled, heat-preserving jacket by combining graphene with recycled polyester fibers to create a synthetic insulating material. This jacket acts as a super-performance middle layer that is good at warding off the biting cold and is both lightweight and warm. Best of all, they have different styles and flexible budgets, so you can always find one that suits your needs.

New graphene material heating clothing, endorsed by Professor Lin Shisheng of Zhejiang University, a professor and PhD supervisor at the College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering. Leading a team in efficient power generation and energy integration, he has achieved significant research results in high-efficiency photovoltaic and power generation devices, including advanced graphene solar cells and self-powered photodetectors. He holds a bachelor's and PhD from Zhejiang University and was jointly trained with Georgia Tech under Professor Z. L. Wang. In 2010, he began graphene research under Professor Andre Geim, Nobel Laureate in Physics, at the University of Manchester.

The market currently lacks heating clothing with software interaction applications. Our software integration can extend to clothing, pants, heating pads, etc., forming a comprehensive ecosystem that allows for the adjustment of heating clothing temperature based on the ambient temperature.

Channel advantages: cooperation with clothing fabric partners 3M and Gore-Tex for heavy-duty waterproof and wear-resistant fabrics with slow heat dissipation. Our strong supply chain and cost advantages enable us to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices.

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Company Vision

Thermax is a Vancouver-based company founded in 2022 that provides innovative heated clothing solutions. The Company will sell heated jackets that consist of arm, neck, and chest heating cloths. 

Thermax’s mission is to provide clients with high-quality and user-friendly heating jackets at affordable prices. The Company will strive to offer its original product at highly competitive price while maintaining its quality and user-friendliness at the highest level.

Thermax’s vision is to become recognized as a leader in the heated garment market in Canada.

The Company will consistently work towards improving its products to cater to the growing demand for heating garments in both the Canadian and international markets.

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