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High Performance and Versatility

The company uses a special fabric formed from graphene attached to an OLED touch-based wearable clothing heater, which is sewn onto a thermal jacket with a sewing machine, allowing users to control the temperature in any situation.

OLED Touch

The heating cloths will be connected to an OLED touch button on the clothing itself. In this way, the user will have maximum control over the temperature in all cases.

Heating Cloth

The heating cloth units and controllers are meticulously integrated into the garment using advanced sewing techniques, ensuring that the heating elements are securely and seamlessly embedded within the clothing.

Temperature Control

The arm, neck, chest, and back heating cloths are set via the temperature sensor, which  
is electrically connected to the temperature control unit.

High Performance & Versatility

Your do-it-all jacket, elevated warmth, and aesthetics. Perfect as a standalone jacket for mild days or as the ideal mid-layer to enhance your AlphaSeries II Jacket.

What Is a Heated Jacket?

It means you don’t have to layer yourself up anymore

In simple terms, ours is a heated, temperature-controlled jacket designed for activities and sports in cold weather. The heating jacket maintains a constant body temperature regardless of the outside temperature. The jacket's fabric is sewn with a sewing machine with heating sheets, and the user controls the temperature through a touch-screen OLED screen.

It's a safe, convenient and affordable option for keeping warm in winter

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